Achieved Certification 70-352: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions– Cleared this exam

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Sharing one good news from our side. Today I have passed the Microsoft exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure. Till today I have almost given 10-11 Microsoft certification exams but this one I found one of the toughest exam among those. As we know, that Microsoft has declared that, this exam will be replaced with two new exams but If you have already taken this exam and want to transition to the new Azure Developer certification, you should take Exam AZ-202: Microsoft Azure Developer Certification Transition . You can get detail information about all new exam from one of my earlier post.

Today, there were lots of tension going before and during exam. But finally passed with 760 marks. Here I would like to share the details regarding my study material, some good references for this exam and type of questions.

Questions in exam: There were total 54 questions in exam. Out of those around 18-20 questions are from Case Studies and scenario based. Important point to remember here is these questions are not available for review at the end of exam. Addition to that all objective type questions also not available for the review. So be careful while answering these questions 

Most important thing is well study of around couple of months and hands on. It’s very important to go through Azure portal itself since continuous changes happening to Azure. 

Study Material:

I referred the videos from Plural-sight and did hands -on on most of the portion of videos to clear my basic understanding and concept. To go through those videos, you need to login to the following Url. :https//

Based on my hands-on for this exam, I have written many articles on this. Below are few of my articles.

Other than the above site, I have also gone through the following blogs.

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