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Microsoft 365: How to retrieve administrators of all site collections in SharePoint Framework (SPFx) component using sharepoint REST API

Microsoft 365: How to Retrieve Administrators of All Site Collections in SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Component Using SharePoint REST API

Microsoft Teams desktop client opening - Viva Learning 0

Microsoft Viva – Employee Experience Platform (EXP) – part 3 – discussing – Viva Learnings

Very important article to understand Viva Learning

Those who want to understand Microsoft Viva – must read article 🙂

Discussing Viva Learning in depth


Microsoft Teams admin center - Teams apps - Manage apps - updating status of specific app from "Blocked" to "Allowed" 0

M365 / Microsoft Teams – Introduction to Microsoft Teams – for beginners / Administrators – Part 5 – Managing apps in Teams admin center

In this article we will discuss one setting for managing Teams app from Microsoft Team admin center – Allowing / Blocking apps from Microsoft Teams admin center

Microsoft 365 : Microsoft Viva - Employee Experience Platform (EXP) - People / Employee success pillars 2

Microsoft Viva – Employee Experience Platform (EXP) – part 1 – discussing what is EXP, its need and why Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva – Employee Experience Platform
In this article discussing, what is Employee Experience Platform. Why its need.
Why Microsoft Viva is required.

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