Azure – Networking – Part 10 – Issue when Configure DNS Records In Azure DNS

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Today, let’s discuss about one issue, which I addressed, during the configuration of custom domain on our Azure DNS in my last article. It is a common issue we will face, if we don’t follow the configuration steps properly.

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In our last exercises, we had to configure our custom domain ( in Azure. As per the procedure, we should first configure all records ( One “CNAME” record, one “A” record and one “TXT” record) in custom domain provider site ( and then configure/add “CNAME” record for custom domain in Azure. So that it could validate the domain availability and ownership from domain provider .

In our exercises, we had only added One CNAME DNS record, before going to configure custom domain in Azure as shown in following figure.

Figure 1: Azure – Network -DNS-Issue with Custom domain 1

So when we were trying to add a CNAME record for our custom domain in Azure, it failed with validation as shown in following figure.

Figure 2: Azure – Network -DNS-Issue with Custom domain

To fix the above issue, we went back to domain provider’s DNS and added the missing two new records (One “A” record and one “TXT” record ) as shown here.

Figure 3: Azure – Network -DNS-Issue with Custom domain _Added rest records

After configure all records in domain provider DNS, we try to re-validate the custom domain in Azure. And this time it successfully validate and allow to add the “CNAME” record for our custom domain, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 4 Azure – Network -DNS-Issue resolved with Custom domain

Learning :

Here , if I understood correctly, we need to first configure all required records for all format in domain provider DNS, before we configure the equivalent record in Azure DNS. So that when azure try to validate the new record, it will find the similar one in domain provider’s DNS and validate it.

For example if we want to add a new sub-domain and want to access the site with new sub domain (, then before configuring the record in Azure DNS , we need to add a following wildcard (*) CNAME record in domain provider’s DNS as shown in following figure.

Figure 5 Azure – Network -DNS-Issue configure CNAME record for wildcard domain

We can configure the CNAME record in azure for “” once we have done with the above configuration as showing here.

Figure 6 Azure – Network DNS -configure CNAME record for wildcard domain in Azure

Figure 7 : Azure – Network -DNS-Successfully access site with custom domain

I hope it will help you to fix this issue. My next article of this series is Part 11 – ExpressRoute .

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